Kitchen Cabinets – The Installation Process Broken Down

After your custom kitchen cabinets arrive, the next part of your kitchen remodeling project is installation. Installing custom cabinets is a tedious process that requires a professional’s experience and lots of attention to detail. Here is a breakdown of custom cabinet installation.


Before ordering the kitchen cabinets, your contractor will start the installation process by taking measurements around your kitchen. Then, you will work with your kitchen pro to custom order the style, color and design of your cabinets.

Wall Cabinets 

Once your custom cabinets arrive, your contractor will start installing them. The wall cabinets will usually be installed first by finding the studs and then using a temporary supporting bar for placement. Sometimes contractors will use a stud finder tool to locate the exact spot for installation. Then, the contractor will secure the cabinet to the wall using screws and a drill.

Base Cabinets

The next part of the process is installing the base cabinets. Your contractor will calculate the highest point on the floor and level the cabinets when installing them using shims. The walls will be marked with a pencil before the cabinets are placed to make sure the spot is level and correct. After the cabinets are placed and aligned perfectly, the contractor will secure them to the wall with screws. 

Finishing Touches

After the cabinets have been installed, then it’s time to add extras and finishing touches. The contractor will fasten the cabinet doors after the wall and base cabinets are secured and add drawers. You can customize the look of your kitchen with unique cabinet door and drawer pulls and hardware that matches your style. 

A beautiful kitchen is centered around the style and look of your kitchen cabinets. A professional contractor can properly install cabinets so they are level and secure. Custom cabinets can be made to fit any type of kitchen and style of cooking.