Design a Gorgeous Spalike Bathroom

One of the best home projects to take on to make your house more comfortable and peaceful is a bathroom remodeling job. If you want your bathroom to be more like a spa and less of an eyesore, partner with a reputable contractor to help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams. Here’s how.

Rearrange the Layout

Talk to your contractor about rearranging the footprint of your bathroom so it’s more serene. You may want to keep the toilet in a separate area of your bathroom to improve the traffic flow and layout. Your contractor will have to replace and move plumbing fixtures for a new layout. Also, discuss new lighting design for the rearrangement.

Choose a Suitable Floor

The floor is another essential part of any bathroom remodeling project. To make the room easier to navigate, choose a flooring material that is waterproof and comfortable for the feet. Choose quality bathroom tiles that can help prevent slips and falls and look attractive with your chosen design.

Take Away the Tub

Another trend to consider for a spalike bathroom is to remove the tub and opt for a larger, more luxurious shower. A shower can help maximize space and help make your bathroom water usage more efficient. Talk to your contractor about the costs of this and plan for a shower swap that is within your budget.

Select an Appropriate Sink 

Make sure you also choose the right sink that complements your layout and style choices. Consider the height of your sink before choosing a model. The height should be convenient for everyone who uses the bathroom. Additionally, go with something that is sized to fit the space and cover your storage needs.

Your bathroom remodeling job can help you get a bathroom that is more beautiful and functional for your family and your home. Work with your contractor before making big decisions about flooring and fixtures.