Choosing the Best Cabinetry for a Stunning Bathroom Remodel

In residential bathrooms, features like marble countertops and vintage bathtubs generally get all the attention. However, the true star of any bathroom is the cabinetry, which adds both the stylish and functional elements you need most in your restroom space. When you’re looking to improve both the look and versatility of one or more of your home’s bathrooms, consider these helpful tips for incorporating stunning bathroom cabinets before making any final decisions. 

Pay Attention to Size and Location

Depending on the space available in your bathrooms, the size and location of your cabinetry could be crucial. For instance, if you have a lot of floor space, large freestanding cabinets or custom built-ins are a perfect addition. However, if the bathroom is on the smaller side and your floor space is scarce, choosing small to medium-sized hanging cabinets above your washbasin or a tall, vertical shelving unit in an open corner would be the ideal choice. 

Accessibility is Key

Bathroom cabinets can range in features, offering things from basic wooden drawers to full-blown lighting and electrical outlets. In terms of accessibility, place your cabinetry somewhere that’s not just easily within reach, but somewhere that allows you to plug in or utilize the space available in the most appropriate manner. For example, if you’re looking for a shaver socket feature, consider hiring a professional to install cabinets that come with a power supply and lighting for additional assistance with your wake-up routine. 

Incorporate the Right Style and Design Aesthetic

Renovating the bathroom means getting to include plenty of patterns, colors and more that suit your current home aesthetic and your own individual taste. If you own a rustic country house, woods and earth-tone colors offer plenty of modern flair; if you reside in a sleek, modern condo, chrome finishes and marble accents are a surefire way to brighten the space.

The right bathroom cabinets can add a lot to your home, from optimized style to greater storage space. Seek out a qualified expert to help design your new bathroom, and improve your daily life in no time.