Many people think that bathroom remodeling is limited to calling a contractor and having the work done. But while your contractor makes sure the finished results are amazing, you need to do your part if you want a bathroom you’re going to love for ages. That’s why the best remodeling companies sit down with you before planning the start date to make sure you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. What should you factor in for the perfect bathroom?

Available Space

If you’re planning on an extensive home remodeling project, perhaps creating that master bedroom with an ensuite bath you’ve always wanted, then you have a lot more flexibility in terms of floor space. Most of the time, however, you’re limited to available space when designing your dream bathroom.

This doesn’t have to hold you back; modern appliances offer a lot in the way of space-saving features. One example are wall-mounted toilets that can provide a lot of extra space. Professional interior designers and contractors can also recommend smart layouts that make the bathroom flow better. All of this is important because a spacious bathroom helps you feel much more relaxed.

Your Priorities

It’s easy to go over budget with bathroom remodels because the range of beautiful finishes, accessories and other design details is huge. Splurging is great when the item transforms the space, but you have to know where to spend and where to save for maximum effect. Before you get started, make a list of the top things you want in your dream bathroom. Then, have the contractor build around that list.

For some homeowners, a glass shower is the most important feature. Others absolutely need a dual sink. If your budget allows, you can spring for a clawfoot tub, inset planters, indirect lighting and much more. Having a list makes it easier to choose details that turn a normal bathroom into a gorgeous safe haven for soaking your worries away.

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