Taking on a basement remodel project is one of the best ways to optimize the space and functionality of your home. Many basements end up being the catch-all for odds and ends or the scary laundry area by the furnace; basically an unused and undervalued part of your home. In reality, a basement is an opportunity to increase your home’s value as well as its level of enjoyment.

If you are looking to do more than install cheap wood paneling over the studs and acoustic tiles to the ceiling, your basement remodel should include the input of a professional contractor. An expert can tell you whether the electrical and plumbing systems are adequate to handle any additional loads, and make sure that plans are otherwise built to code. You may need to include egress windows in the plan if your windows are small. You may also need to cut a new doorway into an exterior wall to allow use as a fire escape or add a doorway between the upstairs and downstairs in case of fire.

Make sure that the basement is prepared by sealing cracks, or taking other steps to ensure that moisture doesn’t ruin your new basement remodel. Have it inspected and treated for termites and mold as well, if necessary. Once you have things lined up, have your contractor start working on plans. Make sure that adequate storage space is included. Discuss whether the ceiling needs to be raised to better suit the plans and make sure the contractor adjusts the plans for any areas that need leveling or are not plumb.

Ask your contractor to evaluate any soundproofing measures that may need to be taken. A basement remodel is a great opportunity to add another bedroom, a much-needed bathroom, a family room or even a rentable apartment. Having an expert show you the potential and draw up plans is the best way to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

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