Ceramic tiles now make up one of the top choices for bathroom floors. There are plenty of reasons for this. For starters, they are resistant to bacteria and odors and naturally waterproof. This prevents mold and mildew from getting into the stone and posing a health hazard. These tiles are also beautiful and come in a wealth of colors and textures for homeowners to choose from. Whatever the design, it is important to keep them clean. Here are a few benefits of clean ceramic tile.

  •  Retains Its Good Looks

For ceramic tile to maintain its shine and overall beautiful appearance, regular cleaning is part of the required maintenance. It also helps to prevent the grout between the tiles from becoming discolored. This is especially important in showers, where oil from the hair and skin can cause buildup. Tiles that are not properly cleaned may also fade over time.

  •  Hygienic Purposes

Ceramic tiles may be impervious to moisture, bacteria and mold, but they are not immune to getting dirty. Microorganisms may still settle on the surface of the tile and need to be cleaned away. If allowed to remain, people who use the surface may become sick. This is especially likely when ceramic tiles are used on kitchen counters where food is prepared.

  •  Lengthens the Lifespan

Not cleaning tiles can cause them to deteriorate much faster. When tiles fade, crack or break, homeowners will then need to replace them. This costs time and money. If you put this off for too long, you may also cause moisture to seep into drywall and other areas that are not waterproof, causing water damage. Note that when properly cared for ceramic tiles can last for 50 years or more.

Homeowners can use a sponge and detergent to clean up everyday messes. However, you should also consider scheduling a professional clean at least once per year.

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