Steps to a Great Bathroom Remodel

When you are ready to take on a bathroom remodeling project, you can’t just jump in and start taking out walls. You need to make a few decisions before you get started, hopefully with the guidance of a remodeling expert. Here are some of the steps needed to make your bathroom remodel go as smoothly as possible.

Planning and Design
First, you want to start by hiring the right contractor. Get estimates from several contractors in your area who have good reviews. Then meet with the top contenders to discuss your overall vision and to see what they can offer you. Talk about not only the functional work triangles for your particular space but also the materials the contractor plans to use. Find out how they will address waterproofing issues, which are particularly important when discussing a bathroom remodeling project. Once you have found the contractor that fits your plan the best, you can talk about further details.

Lighting Options
You need a lot of light in your bathroom. Not only does extra lighting make your bathroom look more elegant, it also improves the functionality. Make sure you have several strong lights, particularly over the mirrors.

Using Space
Because it’s such a small space, it’s easy for the bathroom to become cluttered. Consider design elements that combat this common problem. Extra shelving or cabinets can help you corral the tiny things that stack up and make your bathroom look messy.

Finishing Touches
Don’t forget the details! The trim around the edges of the room probably needs to be updated to match the new design elements in the room. Make sure all your hardware matches or complements the other pieces in the room. Towel racks and toilet paper holders should be placed in the most convenient location to enhance the functionality of the space.

Bathroom remodeling lets you flex your style muscles on a manageable space. With sufficient planning and the help of a professional, you can have the bathroom of your dreams.